Yubiz Crew

Dr. Panayiotis Philimis holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and ICT. He has 15 years’ experience in the design, construction and testing of prototype products, software development , modelling and simulation techniques for Building and RET devices, novel products involving wireless technologies, machines and specialized instruments, QM and laboratory procedures, computational geometry algorithms. He is a member of six National Technical and European Standardization Committees including Energy Efficiency in Building and Solar/thermal. He is an experienced industry technical consultant in various fields of engineering including large Energy Projects in the region, as well as European Directives and product certification. He has extended experience in RTD project and technical management with participation in more than 35 applied research projects, a coordinator of 10 (including 5 European, FP7-ICT, FP7-SME, FP7-OCEAN). Also, he has expertise in patent writing and more than 20 scientific publications in international journals and conferences.

Michalis Stylianou holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and an MSc in Networks and Telecommunications from the National Technical University of Athens. He is currently the Manager of the Information Technology & Electrical/Electronics Division at CyRIC. He has extensive experience in the fields of Building Control Systems, Building Automation, Smart Metering, Energy Efficiency, e-commerce and web applications. He has worked in the implementation of various projects applying Building Energy Management and Control Systems, concentrated in the management of building’s energy sources and applying techniques for the optimization of the buildings’ systems performance and energy efficiency.